29 June 2008

29June- Paparazzi! Those are some good shots...
so just before our time off we've had two bits of attention from the media.
First, we've had a gentleman from a well-regarded food blog visit us for the last several weeks. He's in town for a computer-related reason and he's been impressed enough with us to post the following post on us.

www.offthebroiler.wordpress.com article on us

not too shabby.

Second, Mr Aiken from the Free Times wanted to include us in the upcoming "25 best of something or other". Despite flounder not being in the season we like it to be in, he wanted to showcase our 3-Flavored Flounder. As delicious as this dish is, we don't have it in until Alex sees that the lady flounders have rid themselves of their stock of eggs that fill their flat, flounder bellies despite how unpalatable that is to a diner. So if you saw the article and decided that the only dish that will satisfy you is the flounder, please call us to see if it's available.

Here's a picture of freelance photographer, John, snapping pictures.

i think he looks like he's saying "ha HA! Gotcha!"


Annie said...

Hi Sam and Alex! Loved the flounder and we had a great time the other night - glad we were lucky enough to be there.

Alex - talking about the Son In Law eggs has inspired me to attempt to make them. I've found a few recipes online - any tips?


kodiak said...


tips for making son in law eggs, eh? hmn. well, I'd make sure you use sufficiently hot oil to crisp the eggs, otherwise they become merely leathery. so that'll be well over 350 degrees, maybe even up to 400 -- swirly hot but not smoking. don't forget to pat the eggs dry, or they'll spit hot oil at a person. the onions and garlic should be well caramelised, also. growing up, our dad always made the onions and garlic so that they were done to the point of being nearly crisp, intensely flavored, but not bitter. umn. lessee, what else? I guess that's it, really.

I had a blast hanging out with you guys the other night; I'm glad I was able to sneak out of the kitchen for as long as I did.

let me know how the eggs turn out! don't forget to tell the story behind them! with many significant crushing hand gestures!