19 June 2008

19June-Oh, come on. Seriously?

This entire article reads like something I'd daydream after a family argument about work stuff. Oddly, I can't think of a recent (read: 12 years) family argument that hasn't involved work...

Anyway, like most people in this race of rat, somewhere along the line I've imagined leaving it all to wander Europe with just a linen suit and a notebook until I end up picking grapes in a vineyard in Provence. You hear about people who do this sort of thing and you "pff" it away as something that might work on paper, but what about the rest of your life? This begs the question, however, of what if that is the rest of your life? Toil. Sweat of the brow and all that. With few exceptions, work is work. And you can always find a reason to say something isn't a good idea.

So. The point of all this. Here's a guy who's spending 12 weeks in Europe on fewer than 100euros a day. In this post he works on a farm in the southwest of France.

Tending the Farm in Southern France

photo of the Sarthes farmhouse by Matt Gross, presumably

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