18 June 2008

18June-I found a new Asian Market
I ran across a new Asian market the other day behind Dutch Square Mall. Since I find things like new markets interesting I thought I'd bring it up.
As is the way of our people (Asians in general, it seems) this market's name is Asian Market, Inc.

Quite a few Asian markets are named some permutation of this and I can only assume that those three Chinese characters read out something clever.

Anyway, it's exciting that it's there. It only opened up four months ago so they're not fully unpacked but, as it is, there are about five or so aisles filled to the brim with interesting things. At the far left there is a large selection of cooking equipment, from wire strainers (though these have recently become more widely available) to woks the size of ceiling fan. There were even these peculiar dowel-shaped things, two to a set, made of wood or plastic. Evidently, the Chinese use them to eat, somehow. Dashed odd, if you asked me.
The rest of the aisles are dedicated to dry goods. There was a wide selection of pickled things in jars, dry noodles, condiments, and ingredients galore. There were teas and other beverages.

On the far right there were some coolers and a produce area, the former offering frozen dumplings, packaged whole fish of varying types, and other delightful surprises. The produce area had several kinds of sausages as well as Thai basil, Chinese broccoli, durian, bean sprouts, and a few other fresh looking vegetables.

As is my understanding, they intend to offer cooked food, at some point. There was a kitchen being built and a deli-style display case stood empty and waiting next to an area ideally suited for tables and chairs.

So, in time, I hope this market becomes a wonderous place of shouting mah jongg games; live fish plucked from tanks, cleaned, and fried while you wait; old friends chatting over shumai and shots of Maotai; and a quiet room in the back with a single, hanging light bulb and a friendly, wizened old Chinese doctor ready to pluck the bullets from you and stitch you up, no questions asked.

photo by Ryan Pyle for the New York Times

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