16 June 2008

16June- Columbia needs a good _____.

I generally don't eat breakfast for time and laziness reasons. Unless while travelling, when Leigh and I enjoy B&Bs.
And I generally don't eat cake. I like cake; I just don't seek it out.
For some reason, though, when cake is in the house (as it was this morning from a Father's Day cake Leigh's grandmother made) I find that I must have a slice with a cup of coffee.
So as I sat here, enjoying cake and coffee, a subject that comes up around the bar a lot drifted through my head: Columbia needs a good breakfast place.

Columbia needs quite a bit that could follow the word "good." Deli, for instance. A true deli with meat sliced on the spot and knishes and kugel and split-pea soup. The closest, in my estimation, would be Ela's on Forest Drive.

But a breakfast place, in particular, would be great. It could be combined with a diner into a 24hour format like the 5points Diner, whose closing I lamented. Hell, toss a deli in and serve interesting beer and wine and hot damn, you'd have something there.

A place where I can start my day on the way to work with a quick bagel (crispy on the outside, soft on the inside) and smoked salmon. Or, if i have time, eggs, pancakes and sausage. Then for lunch I'd swing by and wait in line for a cup of split-pea soup, a reuben and a pint of lager. Then after work, probably 11 or so, I'd stop in for a chili dog, a side of knishes and a dill pickle they'd have pickled in-store. Maybe I'd see at the end of the counter some friends with a pitcher of interesting beer and I'd go over and listen to them bicker amicably over why one prefers the London review of books over the New York review of books and I'd nod like I knew what they were talking about but suddenly find myself in a coughing fit if they asked me a related question. Perhaps dawn would find us moved to a booth, cups of coffee in hand, and deep in a conversation - I would've tried to avoid but found that I couldn't - about God, morality and faith. (I had this conversation the other night with Christine and a regular around the bar. I don't know how it got started and I tried to guide us out of it, but it happened. Came out well, though. Nobody got angry. We all got our points in without being talked over. Good talk.)

Anyway. We need a good breakfast place.

Someone get on that.

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