15 June 2008

15June- Far Niente goes solar. article from S.F.Chronicle

Winery goes solar with 'floatovoltaics'

This is great. I wish I could afford to buy Far Niente to support them in this endeavor.

More's the pity,* I believe I was party to an unappreciated bottle of Far Niente four something years ago. During the wooing process, Leigh and I came across a bottle of Far Niente Cabernet that had mysteriously appeared in her wine cabinet. Nearest we can figure, it came from a client of hers. Neither of us recognized the name and we decided to pop it open. In and of itself not a bad idea but we'd already knocked back a couple of bottles and were in no position to enjoy this third one.
There should be a BAC starter engine equivalent for nice bottles of wine.

The Far Niente winery was built in 1885 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Chronicle photo by Brant Ward

*am i using that phrase correctly?

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