29 May 2008

29May- Baan Sawan now on Twitter

I like reading Anne's The Daily Digress and after watching her text her website from the bar one night I thought, "Why not me?"
I don't always get a signal here in the restaurant so I can't update the blog from here.
So I'm going to try this Twitter thing.
You'll find the feed on the right side, just below "links" or at www.twitter.com/baansawan

The way I see it, I could twitter things like the specials.
Or whether we're slow or getting busy. If we're out of beef or duck. If there's a long wait or if I happen to be enjoying a particularly good bottle of wine or beer.
Or I could play with it for a week or so and then get tired of it.

We'll see.
(I'll be in San Antonio all of next week; perhaps I'll twitter from there when something particularly delicious gets eaten by me. )

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