22 May 2008

22May- a comment on Sambal Oelek
When someone asks us to make something spicier we usually take out what we feel is the most appropriate agent to spice it up. Sometimes it'll be a sauce of fish sauce, chopped fresh chilies and lime juice. Sometimes it'll be ground, dried and toasted red chili peppers. And sometimes it'll be Sambal Oelek Garlic Chili sauce, which is the only store-bought sauce we'd give out.
I love this sauce. Not only is it versatile with our food but it's good on quite a lot. The following is a list of unexpected things I've found to be made extra-delicious by this sauce.

  • McDonalds chicken nuggets
  • hashbrowns (both homemade and fast food. And Bojangles' Bo Rounds? Fantastic)
  • scrambled eggs
  • left-over roast chicken breast that you've sliced off and eaten cold while watching "Frasier"
  • hamburgers

This list could go on forever, really. The point is, you should go get some. I think I've seen it in the Asian section at World Market. You're sure to find it in one of the many Oriental Markets on Decker Blvd. Oddly enough, I've bought some before at that Chinese restaurant on Forest near Providence hospital. If you like orange chicken they've got good that, too.

So look for the rooster and the green cap. They've got a sweeter version, a more garlicky version, and a no garlic version but the garlic chili version as shown in the picture above is my favorite.

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