20 May 2008

20May - wine and beer quizzes

We're getting some new server intake and so I've been looking for quizzes to keep the old ones sharp and to get the new ones in the know.

So, outside of the classes I'm still crafting I thought it'd be fun (I'm not naive enough to think these will actually going to be fun for them) to have them take some quizzes outside of those that I'll make.

If anybody's interested, here are some of the quizzes and other links I found.

wine quiz
pretty good for starters

wine quiz sort of useful. kicked my butt, though.

beer quiz


barley and beer facts
not a quiz but some interesting facts

aroma wheel - this is quite useful. there's a paper one at the restaurant and I've found it handy.

French Pronunciation Guide - this is a great guide that covers a lot of ground. It's even got an audio function.

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