02 May 2008

02May- We had an extraordinarily slow night tonight.
Something like 22 people. Perhaps Columbia is saving itself for the Crawfish Festival tomorrow (I've driven by so many partitions, waiting in the wings) and their own Cinco de Mayo festivals. Who knows. Either way, I'm home before 11.30, so I'm doing pretty well.
I'm sitting here with a b0ttle of Smith-Madrone Riesling (delicious but not as wonderful as I'd been led to believe it might be.) and waiting on something of a concoction that I'm hoping will yield a palatable dinner. I knicked some catfish fillets from the restaurant and put them on top of some spaghetti sauce over a pizza crust. Over that i layered some spinach and cheese. Soon I'll find out whether I should just order Jimmy John's.
I was worried that I was playing God but I was relieved to find out, after a brief Google search, that catfish pizza was a well-researched concept.
...and my reaction is: not that bad. And a light drizzle of Tobasco brings it up to pretty good.

So I'm sure that answers a lot of questions.

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