11 March 2008

11March- we will close on Saturday 15 for St Patrick's Day......

That information sort of slipped my mind. I suppose I took it for granted that everyone would presume we would be closed, which is a silly thing to take for granted. So, yes, we'll close up shop on Saturday for St Patrick's Day. (Perhaps less "for" St. Pat's day and more "to avoid" St. Pat's day.)

And while I've got your eyes, I wanted to send a general thank you out there to all of you who have have been patient and understanding with us on our crazy busy nights. We've had a recent spate of...personalities who have been less than composed and sympathetic regarding the limitations of our abilities. And while I accept their criticisms as largely valid demonstrations of their ability to tell time I must confess to feeling dispirited and bullied by their approaches. So thank you, valued customers, for balancing out the aggressive element with your understanding and easy-going ways. When the combative and vitriolic make us question our endeavors it's your good-natures, support, and loyalty that remind us why we've stuck around. You truly make our efforts worthwhile and we promise to work our hardest to continue to improve and, also, to fill our sentences with infinitives.
Thank you very much,

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