25 March 2008

25 Mar- plastic wine glasses at Target! ...
Up until now I've only been a fan of plastic wine glasses for their ability to withstand being smacked to the floor (which happens a lot in my house. It's a cat thing.) but today I saw these glasses at Target for a very affordable $2.99 each.

The restaurant has Riedels but for drinking at home I like to buy glasses at places like T.J. Max or Marshall's or similar stores. In today's increasingly wine-aware world, wine glasses that are good for the wine are becoming more available. A good sized bowl that tapers in to concentrate aroma is important to me. Also, the thinner the rim of the glass the better. And if I can get away with spending no more than $3 per glass then I'm happy because I know their lifespans with me are depressingly short. So to have all these things realized at my local Target store was thrilling enough to illustrate how nerdy I am.
But now I'm that much more mobile with good wine. We're no longer beholden to empty Pom iced tea glasses or the thick, clumsy plastic wine glasses when we go camping or canoeing. Travelling in general will now be easier. No more wine out of hotel room water tumblers and no more carefully (read:space consuming) packed nice glasses which, at any second, could be reduced to a confetti of glass shards. Yes, truly we are entering a golden age.

I liked the following article on wine glasses. Glass Distinctions - New York Times


Annie said...

I might have to pick up some of those. We have boxes of wine glasses from Target that we take out for parties, but plastic would be a nice summer addition. Thanks for the tip!

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