23 March 2008

21 Mar - Beer poems.

These are a little late, but here they are:

Rondelet for the

Sam Smith Organic Lager
5% alc/vol $5.75

I should drink this
delightful, clean organic beer.
I should drink this
cold glass of malty, hoppy bliss.
It pairs so well and so sincere
with all the dishes I hold dear.
I should drink this.


Cinquains for the

9% alc/vol $9.75

So nice.
A yeasty nose
bespeaks this Belgian vice
as, too, that citrus note that shows

Belgian golden ale
to please the beer gourmand.
As crisp and taut as sun-kissed sail:


Parallelismus Membrorum for the

8% alc/vol $8.5

Its caramel warms my heart
when I tip its cold cascades.
Its bubbles brightly dash and dart
as placidity pervades.


Rubáiyát as an Aubode for the

Urthel Samaranth
11% alc/vol $11

I’ll miss this time with you, my malty love.
Regarding taste, you have no lack thereof.
And memories so fond will linger on
as bluish hues dilute the night above.

I sigh, oh, Urthel Samaranth, my dear.
You’re so much more than just a simple beer.
Than dark and complex notes and spicy nose;
than joy embottled: well-fermented cheer.

As dawn demands we go on separate ways
and eyelids blink at morning’s sunny rays
I hope to drink so deep of you again.
It’s only your return can soothe my heart’s malaise.

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