14 November 2007

14NOV: HolidayClosing (22,23,24), Beaujolais Nouveau (not Duboeuf) and more
Well. There's some news that might interest some of you.
Most importantly, everybody should be aware of our holiday closing dates: Thursday 22, Friday 23 and Saturday 24. During this time we will most likely have a meeting of the board of directors to address the restaurant in general so if anybody has any suggestions or (constructive) criticisms now is the time to get them in so we can discuss them. If you'd rather respond anonymously we do still have the hotmail account you can use: customerincognito@hotmail.com which uses the password: baansawan.

We feel like we're doing a good job but we're of a mind that there's always room for improvement. Handy attitude, I think, for everybody. Particularly those people at the supermarket who abandon their carts in the parking lot or at random places in the lobby. The other day two people removed their bags from their carts and walked away, leaving them right in front of the entrance to block anybody coming in. (I didn't just observe, by the way, I collected the disregarded buggies and filed them away.) Though that wasn't as bad as the woman a few months ago who put her bags in her car and then just got in, leaving her cart right outside her door. When she began to pull out she realized that she couldn't because her cart got in the way. She actually looked through her window at the poor, shopper-forsaken thing with irritation, as though it were about to wash her windshield and ask for change. How self-involved (and short-sighted) does one have to be to do that? and of what am I obliviously guilty, i suppose i should ask?
But I digress. (for more things that irritate me at the supermarket, write to baansawan@hotmail.com or send a SASE to blah blah blah)

This Thursday, as many of you know, is the day that the Beaujolais Nouveau arrives. It's been years since I've had this wine but I thought it was time to explore it again. No disrespect to the tireless Duboeuf (I have no "beef" with them. heh.) but I'll be offering Le Chateau de Pizay's vin de l'annee come Thursday night, unless something goes wrong. I've enjoyed this chateau's Beaujolais before (their Morgon, specifically) and was very impressed so I expect their nouveau won't disappoint.

Lately I've been tossing in some new beers and wines as the mood strikes me. I'll buy a case of a beer or a half-case of a wine and offer it on the specials board. I'll be more vigilant about keeping people up to date on that because I've had some quite interesting things come in and sell-out in a week's time. For the moment we've got a fascinating Scottish Ale from the Orkney Islands that's big and malty and quite unlike anything I've had before. 8.5% alc/vol. And we still have some farmhouse ale from Michigan that's a lot of fun. When we sell out of the latter I'll be revisiting the Kwak, the invigorating and malty Belgian dubbel with the cute glass.

here are some links relevant to the contents of this post.

some information on Beaujolais Nouveau

the Kwak. Beware; while informative and charming, the website plays music.

grocery carts


I think that'll do it for this entry.
I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to see you all soon,

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