23 July 2007

23mon - some changes to the menu
hello all,

So we're back from vacation (as a good deal of you seemed to notice over this last week) and with our return there are a couple of new things to mention.
First, we've done some much needed remodelling of the floor. It was a bit of work that cut into our vacation time so feel free to gush admiringly at our efforts.
Second, beginning Tuesday 24, there will have been some changes to the menu, among which is the addition of a few new items. There are a couple of new variants on satay and we've added slow-cooked pork as an option for the curries. The menu at the baansawan.blogspot.com dine-in link has been changed accordingly.

I'm going to be changing the featured wines list soon so if anyone has any recommendations or suggestions of a kind of wine they'd like to see you can write in and it'll be taken under consideration.

Similarly, and generally, if anyone has any sort of suggestions or comments or criticisms we'd be happy to hear them. If you'd like to work under the cloak of anonymity I've set up a hotmail account. customerincognito@hotmail.com with the password of "baansawan".
I'm sure it'll eventually be abused somehow but let's see if it yields anything constructive.

All right,
I hope everyone is doing well,

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