16 June 2007

16June - update on our time off and new beers

I've been terrible about keeping everybody up-to-date with what's going on but it's been pretty busy lately. An explanation, but not an excuse.
Anyway, the highlights are these:
New beer list.
With the advent of high-alcohol beers in the state we've taken on some new items. We've got a delicious and refreshing hard cider; a lean and taut Belgian blond ale; a (normal alcohol) British-style porter; and a tremendous Austrian 14% after-dinner beer that becomes less a beer and more a liquor.

closed for vacation.
We'll be taking some time off in a few weeks. The first and second week of July we'll be closed. Our first day closed will be July 3rd and we'll re-open on Tuesday the 17th. So mark your calendars. Re-arrange important dates. Pick up our newspapers so it looks like we're there.

And, while this doesn't concern you in any real way, I'm very excited because I'll be gone this upcoming Friday until Thursday because I'll be in Oregon. I'll be taking part in a Pinot camp, during which I'll be learning a lot about Pinots Noir and Blanc, Pacific Northwest terroir, winemaking in general, and whether I'll have the self-control not to get blotto during the tastings. In Oregon! Verdant, lush Oregon.(See how excited I am? I used an exclamation point.) I'm sure I'll inundate the website and MySpace pages with photos of my trip. So Alex will be taking my place behind the bar and I'm sure he'll do a great job.

So that's what's happening.
I hope this message finds everyone well,

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