29 April 2007

29April - New things going on

Well, I've been extraordinarily lazy about keeping everyone updated about the goings-on that are going on here.
So this is what's happening.
First, we've got a new featured wines list.
The red wine this time is a fun Argentinian wine that's a blend of pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon. It's pretty full and rich, as one would expect of a southern hemisphere cab but the pinot noir adds an elegance that I find very satisfying. The white wine is another unusual blend of mostly chardonnay with gewurztraminer and semillon. The chardonnay is very evident in this, though not in a bothersome way. Full and fairly dry. And then the rose is back. This is the same Provencal rose as last year so you can expect that nice, slightly spicy kind of citrus-y and very dry quality that one expects from a good southern French rose.

Then we've added some outside seating. Only two tables tables of two, but still, they're outside and pleasantly near the new fountain we've put in that replaced the pond. That little corner is still in progress but we foresee a pleasant little area there provided you don't order too much for the tables to hold. I, in my infinite lack of wisdom, failed to measure anything and so the 24" tabletops don't quite comfortably fit two of our round dinner plates, which are about 26" across. But we're working on it and it's still nice out there. When I have time I'll post some pictures on the website.

We've also been dealing with friends who've begun a seafood business. They offer local clams and crawfish and soft-shell crab so we'll be trying to take advantage of that resource. We offered clams last week in a garlicky, basil white wine broth which was received very positively so we'll likely do that again. They deliver their live wares on Thursdays so when we receive them they'll be available from then through Saturday. If you're interested in what we'll be offering we suggest you give us a call.

It would appear that we'll be allowed to sell high-alcohol beers pretty soon, which I find very exciting. I had lunch the other day with a distributor who's bringing in some very interesting, very potent beers that would work wonderfully with our food. So if all goes well the next version of the beer menu will be lots of fun.

And, lastly, pretty soon we'll be losing two of our servers to the call of their future. (These kids with their future and their potential. What about our needs?) So if anybody knows anybody who'd be interested in working with us, we are taking applications. Available hours would be Tues-Sat, though more urgently we need a Tuesday and Thursday person since we're down to only Ben on those days, which means I come out from behind my safe,safe bar to take tables.

That should be all for a little while.
I hope everyone is doing well.


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