17 April 2007

17Apr - These are a few things I've found that I've really enjoyed. However, none of these items can be found for sale at the restaurant.

1: Borsao Campo de Borja. This is a Spanish blend of Grenache/Tempranillo from near the Rioja region. I found it for 6.99 at Green's on Assembly, 7.99 at World Market and 8.99 at Earth Fare. It's a steal at any of those prices though, naturally, the Green's price pleases me most. It's in a squattish Burgundian bottle with a label that looks kind of like a MirĂ³ in earth tones. I find it to be a pretty rich, slightly earthy and spicy wine that's reminiscent of Southern Rhone wines. Red and black fruit flavors and even, to me, a touch of countryside. For the buck I think it's fantastic and I'd carry it myself but I don't work with its distributor.
2: Coffee Masters - Su Casa Blend. The description on the bag sums it up nicely. "A Cuban style dark roast. An earthy, full body with a rich dark chocolate note." We got it whole bean but they might have it ground, as well. The "they" is Cloud Nine on Gervais. Before tasting it I was mildly afraid the "chocolate note" implied it was flavored but we found that it was more in the coffee's deep finish that suggested chocolate. $12.99: 12oz bag - whole bean.
3: Dolfin Chocolat - Noir 88% de Cacao. Also at Cloud Nine but they might have run out of the 88% by now. There should be plenty of the 70% left. I'm sure it's similarly delicious. This Belgian chocolate (wrapped in a very cool plastic envelope, by the way) is intense and rich and maybe not for everybody but the most enthusiastic about dark chocolate. $3.29: 2.47oz bar.
4: My watch. This is irrelevant but I was very excited and relieved to find it. It had fallen behind the bookcase.

So I thought I'd share that with everybody in case anybody's interested.
3 new featured wines are in the wings and should come out later this week.
New beer list in maybe a month.
Best to all,

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