21 March 2007

20Mar -There's a new by-the-bottle list

I have introduced a new by-the-bottle winelist. It is the culmination of months and months of promises (to you as well as to myself) to update it and finish it.
While the old menu was a fully-illustrated, comment-wielding, time-consuming-to-read(and produce) tract on wines I really like, this new one is slightly easier to maintain while retaining all those other qualities. I've devised a structure that will allow for it to be updated at a moment's notice by modifying 5 small photo albums to accept business card pages which I have then filled with business card-sized slips of paper with wine descriptions and label sketches. So when something is sold out that wine's card can be removed from the list and when I find something I want to put on the menu I can just slip in a new card. While the downside to this is that there's no table of contents (though there is some country of origin organization), what I consider an upside is that this allows me to bring in new wines all the time without having to print out new lists all the time. However, this does mean that not everyone gets one tucked in their menus. If you'd like to see the list you will have to ask (or get up and grab one. They're next to the other menus on that little table.)
So while it's difficult to say at any given moment what's on the list, right now I've got things like a fantastic Australian shiraz with relatively restrained fruit (none of that Australian fruit-bomb jamminess we've come to expect) and a fatty, sausage-y nose; a great, interesting and full-bodied southern French white with layers of flavor and a fairly dry finish; a 14 year old Morey-Saint-Denis with that great Burgundy funk on the nose and a suprisingly perky acidity; and a beautiful Brunello di Montalcino with a rich, full body and a tannic finish that's firm yet delicate.
And a gloriously robust and lusty Bandol and a heart-warming and comforting red from Provence and a fun and different white Bordeaux and even an affordable Gaja nebbiolo/merlot/cab sauv blend that, needless to say, is amazing. I mean, it's Gaja.
By the way, if you'd prefer your white wine warmer than the 45degrees F where they are now, just tell us and we can take it out and allow it to warm up before serving it.

You know, the other day I was looking in the wine cave-thing because I was in the mood to open something later that night and each bottle I looked at reminded me of the pleasure I experienced when I first drank it. The joy of its inherent deliciousness as well as the warm camaraderie of identifying and breaking down flavor profiles with friends. The satisfaction of observation and patience as the wine develops in the glass. In our daily lives how often is it that we can delight both the corporal and cerebral like that? Ideally, at least three times a day for every meal but we so frequently consume without thinking.
The wines on this list deserve your attention and it is my belief that if you offer it to them, they will reward you greatly.


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