10 November 2006

Thanksgiving hours and new beers (same as email)

Perhaps most important is when we'll be closed for Thanksgiving.
We'll be closed Thursday the 23, Friday and Saturday and we'll re-open, as
usual, on Tuesday the 28.
Secondly, I have not yet finished the next beer menu but need to as we're
running out of the current beers and, after all, I do have most of what will
be featured already in the fridge. So I'm just going to say that a new beer
menu will be ready by Tuesday and if it's not then everybody has permission
to cross their arms and snidely call me a slacker.
I've decided to hold on to the Baltika Porter since I love it so. It will be
joining the regular beer list and, for this rotation, I think I'll only
feature three beers instead of my usual four. But what a three beers.
The Blue Tongue pilsner from Australia's Hunter Valley. This is a little
full for a pilsner with a bit of a bitter, hoppy after taste. Good, light
flavors and very easy drinking.
The Rohane Amber Ale from Brittany, France. This is an unusual beer that
seems almost like a combination of beer and white wine. There's some apple
to the nose and a lengthy finish. Most notably is its aggressive head, which
should be given much respect while pouring since I've seen more than a few
pours result in a baking soda and vinegar-like reaction.
And then we have the Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A. This is He'Brew's tribute
to Lenny Bruce and an astonishing beer. In so many ways. Flavor-wise it's
robust and powerful and makes me think every other I.P.A. I've tasted was a
Platonic shadow compared to the reality of the Bittersweet Lenny's. And
despite its incredible hoppiness and maltiness (He'Brew describes it as
having been "Brewed with an obscene amount of malts and hops") this ends up
being very well-balanced. This is going to be the most expensive beer we've
offered ($14.00) but it is 22oz of beer. To put it another way, it's about
4oz short of a bottle of wine and it breaks down to roughly $4.67 a glass
(as it fills one of our beer glasses about three times.) I'm not saying it's
the bargain of the century, but if you like your I.P.A. then this beer
should take you to another place.
And, given the published attention my beer menu has gotten over the last few
months, I'm wringing my hands to be clever and interesting for the next one.
So I think I might try something different this time. Or I might not. I'll
have to make a decision soon.
That's about it, really.
As an aside, if any of you remember the video on the mySpace page of Suzi
and Amanda dancing I discovered something interesting this morning. My video
(done a little while ago) strung together photographs to a Raymond Scott
tune in such a way that it looked as though they were dancing. I ran across
the latest Tom Waits video this morning and discovered that they've done
roughly the same thing. Far better, of course.

  • Tom Waits' Lie to Me video

  • my video

  • All right. I hope everyone is doing well and not stressing too much over the
    holiday season to come. If we keep our heads down and power through we'll be
    in mid-February before we know it.
    Best to all,