11 December 2006

three new beers & their descriptions as of Nov 16

Blue Tongue Pilsner Australia

Gus staggered in and put a dead snake on the bar.
"Your snake's no good here, mate." the bartender said. "Just money."
"No." Gus said. "What is it?"
"That is an Acanthopis antarcticus. Nasty bugger. Did it bite ya?”
“Yeah. Let me skull a Blue Tongue then call an ambulance for me.”
The bartender gave him his beer, which he drank too fast to enjoy its smoothness or its lightly sharp, hoppy finish. But that might have just been the paralysis setting in.

Rohane amber ale France
(too foamy to drink from the bottle)

Claude stood on Brittany's Breton shore and stared out to sea. The head on his Rohane foamed forcefully in the glass and, when he took a sip, it left some of itself on his moustache. He was a brave and dispassionate fisherman, or would've been if he weren't terrified of being in a body of water without a ceramic bottom. As it was, he carefully avoided the moister areas of the shoreline while enjoying the Rohane's apple and honey notes and pleasant, long finish.

He’Brew Bittersweet Lenny’s R.I.P.A.
Double India Pale Ale with rye malt (22oz)

If you’re in the mood for a monster of a beer
try Bittersweet Lenny's R - I - P - A.
Its hops and its malts are little severe
but when I tried it I shouted "Hooray!"

At twenty-two ounces the bottle does tower;
it’s like three beers packaged in one.
I was impressed by its balance as well as its power
and before I knew it I was quite nearly done.

This beer is a tribute to the late Lenny Bruce,
known for his indecorous invective.
Two of these beers should count as substance abuse
and might make you entirely ineffective.

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