31 October 2006

Sam's mention in Skirt! magazine.

So, we're leaving Gervais & Vine last night (after a delicious dinner eaten while sitting on their couch, might I add.) and I notice the new issue of Skirt! outside.
I stifle the urge to scramble over to it, hooting like an early Daffy Duck. I instead simply, and with much dignity, go "Ooh!" and run over to it, grab a copy and find my page.
I'll tell you, it's nicely exciting to be in the latest issue of Skirt! (Skirt! has an exclamation point in its name, by the way)

In retrospect, pity about the socks. Otherwise, I think the look works.

The profile is well written, too. Pick up a copy to read it or go to the
  • Skirt! magazine

  • Though as of this morning it hasn't been updated.

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