01 October 2006

One new beer, two new bubblies

Last year we featured a pumpkin ale which did pretty well. It's a light to medum-bodied ale with a distinct flavor of pumpkin spice bread. This is, admittedly, an odd thing for a beer to taste like but some people rather enjoy it. Since it's a seasonal brew, it'll only be around until about Christmas.

I've also added a couple of splits (187ml bottles designed to fill about two flutes.)
One is a dry, clean and crisp French sparkling blanc de blancs made from Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Chardonnay. It's got a nice touch of toast to its finish and a pleasantly floral nose. I find it very refreshing.
And the other is more dessert oriented. It's called Rosa Regale (with which you may be familiar.) It's fairly sweet, though still pretty light with a touch of acidity to it for balance. It has notes of rose petal and raspberry. That it's a sparkling wine makes it a fun little aperitif or dessert.

I'll probably keep the dry sparkling on the menu and we'll see about the Regale.

(As a quick aside, I've noticed a startling and upsetting trend lately. I've seen sparkling wines offered in little cans (which I don't find objectionable in and of itself) with little straws on the side like a Capri-sun. The thing is, while some of these bubblies aren't terribly interesting and, therefore, don't suffer from being drunk through a straw, let's never forget that champagne and other sparkling wines are still wine with all the points of interest of any other wine. Many deserve the opportunity to display their bouquets. So if you're sending your child to school with these little cans of sparkling wine to go along with their single-serve pate and toast points, send along a glass, too. )

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