05 September 2006

So it would seem that my silly, florid beer descriptions have gained some degree of acclaim. Jason Ryan from The State newspaper was told about my beer menu and, after he came to the restaurant to check it out, he decided to do a piece on me, which I found very exciting. When it came out a couple of weeks ago we braced ourselves for a deluge of customers, each clamoring to bathe in my rhetoric and drink of my beer and, of course, we were slow for the next few days. My ego, of course, insisted that people were avoiding the restaurant on account of their presumption that it would be far too packed.
Anyway, Alex sent me a link to a blog that mentioned me, which is great in itself but also encouraged me to Google myself to see what else was out there. I'm sure many of you have done the same. I was thrilled to see a number of blogs mention the article and my favorite of them uses the "P" word.

"The feature focus is on a young guy who has written an interesting menu for his restaurant [4]. I hope you have noticed that I publish an online literary magazine called The Angler. I publish short stories and a literary form called flash fiction. These are short-short fiction pieces. Sam Suaudom Jr’s micro-flash beer fictions are shorter than the ones I publish, but I think he’s on to something. Not only is it good for his business (his beer sales have doubled since introducing the artful menu), but he just may be pioneering a new literary form. Thanks to Stan Hieronymus for spotting that story and highlighting on Appellation Beer."

Oh, that I were a pioneer but I'm simply a disciple of the written word in such a way that encompasses all manners of literary exercises, among them "how can I tell a teeny story and amuse myself,and hopefully others, at the same time as selling beer?"

Anyway, here's a link to the original article. Hopefully, it's still up.

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