05 September 2006

Beers as of 31jan 2014
(roughly in order of lightest to fullest)

Stiegl “Radler” beer w/grapefruit soda/ Salzburg, Austria/3.2%alc/ just like drinking a  fresca!    1pt9fl.oz.            6.00                          
Konig Pilsener Duisburg-beek, Germany/ dry, crisp, clean, light apple and lemon      (500ml can)                   4.00
Chang Thailand/ citrus, apples, light hop                                                                            21.6oz 6.00    11.15oz      3.75
Westbrook Brewing Co. Gose / wheat beer+coriander+salt/Mt Pleasant, SC/ bizarre, refreshing, briny, sour       5.00
Westbrook Brewing Co “White Thai” / white beer/Mt Pleasant, SC/ lemongrass, ginger, spice                             4.75
Bellerose Bière Blonde extra/St Amand les Euax, FR/ 6.5%alc/ lavender, litchi, citrus, light hop spice                           7.00
Left Hand Brewing “Sawtooth Nitro” ESB/Longmont, CO/5.3%alc           citrus, malty nuttiness, creamy texture        4.75                          
Grand Teton “Pursuit of HoppinessImperial Red Ale/Victor, ID/8.5%/ caramel, light orange, cleanly bitter       5.75
Three Heads Brewing Too Kind double i.p.a./Honeoye Falls, NY/8.5%alc/ pine, citrus, caramel, so balanced!      6.50
Moa “St Josephs”Belgian-style tripel/Marlborough, NZ /9.5%alc/sweet yeast, spices, minerally, crisp     375ml   10.00
Belhaven “Black” Scottish stout Dunbar, Scotland/ smooth, creamy, coffee, light milk chocolate 1pt9fl.oz             6.50                          
*Anderson Valley “Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout/5.8%/ rich, roasted malt, chocolate, coffee, oatmeal, smooth    4.75
Brew Dog “Libertine Black Ale” Aberdeenshire, Scotland /7.2%alc/roasted coffee & nuts, lemon peel, hoppy      7.50                          

Ovila “Abbey Quad” brewed with plums Chico, CA/10.2%/rich, plum, raisin, brown sugar, well-hidden ABV       6.50


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if some of the Belgian beers in the 750ml bottles would be available, especially Duvel or Chimay.

Baan Sawan said...

There are a few reasons why I've shied away from both larger format and, specifically, Duvel and Chimay. Cost vs storage space, for one. For the few people who'd buy a 750ml bottle I'd have to take up the space that could be filled by a less expensive, but similarly interesting beer that is sold more frequently. Also, while I'm a fan of both Duvel and Chimay, the market saturation of the latter and the prestige of the former make them a little too well-known. I choose most of my beers not only to sell but as a learning exercise for customers, staff, and myself. And with as many craft-brewers and small Belgian, German, Scottish, and so on producers out there I feel as though I'm better serving the Columbia area by urging them to try something new instead of something they've had many, many times and can get at several bars around town, anyway.
And, of course, my having such steads as harp and sapporo may seem counter to this mindset but they're there for those who have no interest in the new. And as my margins are a bit better on those beers I'm able to charge less for a more expensive, more complex product.
but thank you for your suggestion. I do, at least, usually try to have something that is correlative.

Amanda Walczesky said...

I am more than happy with your choice of St. Feuillien. It's my absolute favourite beer and it's wonderful to be able to order it at a restaurant. Thanks!

Mr. Jaught Bain said...

First let me say your food and wine list is exemplary of what a thought out menu should look like. However, I cannot say the same about your beer selection. Out of all the beers you offer, only one would be considered a true beer (using the Reinheitsgebot). The rest have, in my opinion a variety of ingredients that don't belong in a beer. I find that the majority of your beer offerings are far too skewed to the sour/citrus end of the spectrum, or the dark, heavy malted side; not much in the middle. Out of the 14 beers listed, 9 of the them have citrus as a major tasting note - even the ESB is strangely sour. My suggestion would be incorporate some more middle range beers into the menu (pilsner, lager). Right now it seems like the only offering you have that fits that category is Konig Pilsner- perhaps extend the pilsner category to other similar brands (Brandt, Warstiener, Bitburger)or, If you don't want to add a Pilsner, then at least add a decent lager to the menu. I hope this post is more helpful than critical. Thanks!